Design: Vintage Burlesque Posters

In the Forties and Fifties burlesque was big, big, big – scantily glad women, stupid comedians, animal acts, etc. All major cities had Burlesque houses – but if you didn’t live in a big city and you wanted to see Lili St. Cyr’s famous Bubble Bath routine you went to the movies (discrete art houses). Some of these beautiful posters are signs to advertise a specific dancer, (Zorita and her Snake) some are compilations of different dancers along with baggy pants comedians and a few are actual movies w/ actual plots that star strippers. Big names, big girls – Tempest Storm, Blaze Star, Rosita Royce, Rose Le Rose, Lili St. Cyr, Bettie Page, etc.,etc.,etc. The designs are great – throw on as many stars as the poster will fit and some sensational type and headlines and BAM, it’s done.

Peek-A-Boo 1953

Teaserama 1955

Carnival Road Show - 1948

Ding Dong Girlies French Revue

Zorita - The Sensational Snake Dance

Lili St. Cyr - Love Moods 1952

Strip Tease Murder Case - 1950

Hollywood Burlesque

Striporama - 1953

Strip Tease Girl - 1952

Naughty New Orleans

Scanty Panties - 1961


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