Lps: Great Design – Sexy Covers

WARNING – Slight Nudity. I don’t quite know when these were popular – early 60’s most likely. What I do know is that the designs of these were absolutely great. Great use of image, cool type placement and nude women – OK!. My guess is that as most of these are Japanese, they were a tad more relaxed about the depiction of nudity and allowed them openly in their record racks. Nothing overtly sleezy or porn-y, these simply helped sell the slightly boring music of the day – a lot of these are compilations of hit songs by orchestras like Nelson Riddle or Bert Kaempfert. I really don’t remember seeing any vinyl in the US with these kinds of covers – perhaps a pin-up or 2 (Bettie Pages’ Bunny Yaegger photos were on a couple of LPs) but nothing like these. It also seemed smaller labels could get away with it – check out the Chakachas LP on Blue Elephant. Thanks again to www.lpcoverlover.com



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  1. I absolutely love these, and your blog!

    May I repost some of these on tumblr?

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