Painting: Wayne White

Wayne White – I first was aware of Wayne’s work from the Lambchop LP Nixon (see below). I assumed it was a super-cool graphic design created specifically for the LP. Turns out that this is what Wayne White does, and is pretty famous for. He takes mass produced lithos found in junk stores and paints 3-Dimensional phrases and words that have no real connection to the scene of the painting. It’s a very Dada approach (calling found and altered objects art) and he makes a hilarious point of it with his painting ‘Marcel DuChamp is a Big French Fag’ – DuChamp being one of the leaders of the Dadaist movement. They’re bright and odd and very, very cool. In the 80’s Wayne was the Art Director and set creator for Pee Wee’s Playhouse – now it all makes sense.


Dude or Chick?


Marcel DuChamp is a Big French Fag

Those Guys Are Pussies

Tell Me You Love Me


Shit Like That



Are You A Boy Or A Girl


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  1. brilliant! ❤

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