Everyone Loves: Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Yasmine Adjani (born 27 June 1955) Isabelle Adjani is near perfect. Incredibly beautiful, incredibly talented and incredibly smart. She has won more Caesers – 5 (French Academy Award equivalent), then anyone else, she is fluent and acts in French, English and German and she’s cut an LP with Serge Gainsbourgh. She first came to fame staring in Francois Truffaut’s – Story of Adele H. for which she was nominated for best actress for both the American Academy Award and the Caeser (she lost both). She has worked w/ Roman Polanski, Luc Besson and Werner Herzog, among others. She still continues to act, albeit rarely and still looks pretty damn good.

Possesion - 1981

The Tenant w/ Roman Polanski - 1976

Nosferatu - w/ Klaus Kinski - 1979

Isabelle at 54


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  1. home run once again jon!

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