Photograhy: Burlesque Promo Shots

Like an actor needs a good head shot, the Burlesques queens of the 40’s – 60’s needed a good promo photo to show off their many talents and attributes. These would be displayed outside the Burlesque houses in Chicago, New York, LA and everywhere inbetween. How else could you decide who you wanted to see? – Diane Ross and her Monkey Squeaky, Heaven Lee – ‘The Devilish Angel of Burlesque’, Precious Diamond, Ann ‘Bang, Bang’ Arbor, Tinker Bell or Maxine Martin ‘The 6′ 4″ Skyscrapper’. Looking at these now, they’re all relitively PG-13 rated but back then they must have been scandolous – I mean the photo of Mickey “Ginger” Jones – ‘The Wham Wham Girl’ is pretty provocative, and Fabulous Fanny’s shot is just plain odd.

Bubbles Darlene

Precious Diamond

Mickey "Ginger" Jones - "The Wham-Wham Girl"

Irma 'The Body"

Tinker Bell

Fabulous Fanny

Ann “Bang Bang” Arbor aka. “The Million Dollar Figure”

Diane Ross and her Monkey Squeaky

Heaven Lee aka. “The Devilish Angel of Burlesque”

Gay Dawn

Holly Hills

Honey Bee

Libby Jones aka. “The Park Avenue Playgirl”

Maxine Martin aka. “The 6’ 4” Skyscraper”


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  1. These ladies are lovely, but Ginger Jones is my fave!

  2. Mickey is my mother and I would like to get a copy of that picture. I would like to know if you have anymore pictures of her?

  3. I appeared with Diane Ross & Squeaky at the PADDOCK CLUB in Miami Beach in 1952.. People ask if I am confused with the singer.. thank you for helping me to clarify…Incidentally, they were nice to work with..

    • My Grandmother, Shirley (Shelley) Daye also performed at the PADDOCK CLUB in Miami in 1952. Any chance you remember her or would be willing to contact me with any old photos you may still have? Thanks!!

  4. Tinker Bell is outta sight!!!

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