The Art of Packaging: Filipino Women in Chains Films

The 1970’s were an interesting time, especially in cinema and specifically exploitation cinema. If you couldn’t get a film made or afford to do it in the US of A, why not just pack everything up and go to the Phillipines. Things were cheap, no one would bother you and has long as you paid off Dictator Ferdinand Marcos you were pretty safe. Great directors like Jack Hill, Jonathon Demme, and a bunch of local guys got their start on these low budget exploitation flicks. For whatever reason, Women in Prison films became popular in the early 70’s and who better to cash in, than the King of Exploitation – Roger Corman. Taking beauties like Pam Grier, Anitra Ford (later a Price is Right model), Margeret Markov and Judy Brown, et al. was risky but everyone seemed up for the adventure. Beautiful locales, lots of nudity and silly violence – women chained and abused and then beating the shit out of their male oppressors and blowing everything sky high became a perfect recipe for exploitaion. Though films continued to be made cheaply in the Phillipines – most notably Apocalypse Now, the Women in Prison genre fell out of favor pretty quickly and were no more by 1980.

The Big Bird Cage - 1972 *Note - 3 different tag lines on one poster

The Big Doll House - 1974

The Big Doll House Poster B

Black Mama, White Mama - 1972

The Hot Box - 1972

Women in Cages - 1971

Cleopatra Wong - 1978

Savage Sisters - 1974 'White Poster'

Savage Sisters - 'Black Poster'

Ebony, Ivory and Jade - 1976

The women of The Big Birdcage

Pam Grier playing the bad guy in Women in Cages

The fabulous Sid Haig


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  1. Classic! Where do you find em?!

    • Hello,I collect movie posters and I have a few of these. If you’re interested watch the doc. Machete Maidens Unleashed, it’s all about these Filipino movies and is pretty great.Cheers,J

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