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Big Fan: The Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Coming out of the boiling smelly stew that was the LA punk scene of the 80’s, along with X, The Blasters, The Flesheaters, et al, The Gun Club certainly stood out. Fronted by an overweight, alcoholic, blues obsessed, Blondie Fan Club President, lead singer – Jeffrey Lee Pierce, they were a mess. Mixing raw blues, DIY punk, country and rockabilly The Gun Club made quite a noise. Their first LP Fire of Love is a classic (go buy it right now). Their 2nd, Miami is real good too – and then something bad happened. Various line-up changes (the 1st pictures here are the second version of the band), erratic behaviour, shakey live shows, drugs, booze, blah, blah, blah caused their remaining LPs to be pretty hit-and-miss. Jeffrey Lee however bounced back with 2 pretty great blues LPs – Wildweed, and Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove. Alcoholism and bad livin’ finally caught up with Jeffrey Lee in 1996 – he suffered a stroke and passed away at the ripe old age of 37. **As a side note – I saw them play at an upstairs dining room in a shitty German restaurant in Ann Arbor MI. I didn’t know at the time that they would start their show with about a half hour of pure out-of-tune noise, just to piss people off, and then play their normal set. Needless to say I left about 20 minutes into the show.

Terry Graham, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Kid Congo Powers, Patricia Morrison

Jeffrey Lee & Patricia

Jeffrey Lee 1982

The Band

Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Patricia Morrison

J.L.P & Patricia Live


Kid Congo Powers & Jeff

Terry Graham, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Ward Dotson and Rob Ritter (1981)