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The Art of Packaging: Saber Books

There were a ton of paperback publishers in the 50’s and 60’s, all specializing in a specific genre. Saber Books’  particular field was cheatin’ wives and wanton women. Briefly closed down on obscenity charges in 1963 for publishing the title “Sex Life of a Cop” – (the publisher was sentenced to 25 years in the pen). Overturned on appeal, Saber went on to publish a total of 300 titles, all just as sleazy as you’d imagine, with titles like ‘The Tricked and the Wicked’, ‘Sex Dreamer’, ‘Immorality in 3 Dimensions’ and ‘Turbulent Daughters’. All covers seemed to share a scantily clad woman, a dumb looking sex-starved guy and a hilarious poorly written tagline or mini-synopsis, i.e. “Fran’s filmy attire made it necessary for her to remain behind the door until I had entered and she had closed it, secluding us snugly for the night” – from ‘The Women They Were Willing’.

Bachelor Husband by Lee Walters

The Women Were Willing by Sheldon Abbott

Lust Empire by Robert Vaughan

Emerald Bikini by Robert B. Ford

The Mirrored Orgy by Douglass Dee

I Am A Lesbian by ?

Slum Virgin by Richard Geis

Her Soul Went First by Jack Moore