LPs: The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers were hot! Over the 4 decades they performed together they changed line-ups many times, but always remained a combination of 6 brothers and one brother-in-law. Starting out as a doo-wop trio in the 50’s they progressed to one of the hottest and best disco outfits of the late 70’s. The disco years, though financialy lucrative to the Isleys, found them in a series of progressively flamboyant and downright odd costume choices. These guys were big – and tough, and looked completly out-of-place in sequins and feathers – especially O’Kelly Isley (he being the biggest). Starting from 1981 and moving backwards to their 1959 LP and biggest hit – Shout!, you can see the change, for good or bad.

Inside You - 1981

Winners Takes All - 1979

Showdown - 1978

Showdown - Back Cover

Harvest for the World - 1976

Harvest... Back

The Heat is On - 1975

Live it Up - 1974

3 + 3 - 1973

The Brothers Isley - 1969

Shout - 1959

The Motown Anthology


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