Design: Hitchcock Movie Posters

By the look of some of these posters Alfred Hitchcock importance in advertising his films was sometimes greater then the stars and often the film itself. As his fame grew so did his name on the poster. The poster for the 1948 film Rope finds his name at the top of the poster in bright red and yellow type, The Birds sees his name at least 4 times bigger then all the stars put together. Not only did he appear in a brief cameos in most of his films, he also appears on his posters promoting the film in one way or another, (even the trailer for Psycho is  Hitchcock giving a tour of the murder scenes). These posters are mostly foreign versions which are much more colorful then their US counterparts. I didn’t include the famous Saul Bass design of 1958’s Vertigo, as the Belgiun version, though a terrible design, is a hilarious and cool poster.

North By Northwest - 1959 Spanish

Notorious - 1946 Argentina

Nototious - 1946 Spanish

The Birds - 1963 Italy

The Birds - 1963 USA

Shadow of a Doubt - 1943 Belgium

Vertigo - 1958 Belgium

The Trouble With Harry - 1955 Italy (this is not a zombie movie)

To Catch a Thief - 1955 USA

Spellbound - 1945 USA

Rear Window - 1954 Italy

Rope - 1948 USA

Psycho - 1960 USA


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