Photographers: David Arnoff

David Arnoff – In his own words – “Born in Cleveland, raised in L.A., lives in London. No felony convictions thus far.” A pretty good bio line – so much more than that, though. It’s cool to see the originals of some of the best LP covers from the late 70’s-early 80’s. The Cramps first 2 LPs, The Dead Boys, X., etc.  Live shots of the impossibly gangly Joey Ramone and  smokin hot Debbie Harry, early shots of big-haired Nick Cave and seemingly evil Bryan Gregory. It seems that he took shots of every US punk band worth a damn at that time. As he says, he now lives in London, hopefully still with no convictions to his credit. Check out his old and new stuff at

Stiv Bators - The Dead Boys

The Birthday Party - Mick Harvey, Roland S. Howard, Nick Cave & Tracy Pew

Joey Ramone

Bryan Gregory - The Cramps

Lydia Lunch

Sonic Youth

Debbie Harry - Blondie

Jeffery Lee Pierce - The Gun Club

The Cramps - Bryan Gregory, Nick Knox, Lux Interior & Poison Ivy Rorsach

Excene Cervenka (X) & Lydia Lunch

The Dead Boys

Devo - Booji Boy

Nick Cave & Lydia Lunch

The Cramps - Poison & Lux


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  1. Awesome as ever—u have fantastic taste in music—u checked out the book of photos by Chris Stein & Victor Bockris? Cool book full of NYC/ Cbgb’s regulars.

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