God Bless Lili St. Cyr

Lili St. Cyr (June 3, 1918 – January 29, 1999), Born Willis Marie Van Schaack – (Billed as the “Anatomic Bomb”), St. Cyr started her professional career as a chorus line dancer at the Florentine Gardens, in Hollywood, CA in the early 40’s. She would make her stripping debut at a burlesque house called the Music Box, 2 years later (when she found out that the strippers made the most money). Her act by all accounts was a disaster. Instead of being fired the owners decided to put together an all new – more exciting and sexy act for her. At the end of her big dance, a stagehand would pull a fishing line attached to St. Cyr’s G-string. It would fly into the balcony and BAM – the lights would go dark. This act became known as “The Flying G”, and would become St. Cyr’s trademark (along with her bubble bath routine). After that she was a hit. Throughout the 40’s and 50’s Lili, along with Gypsy Rose Lee, was the highest paid dancer in the country. She tried her hand at a couple of movies, most notably Norman Mailer’s “The Naked and the Dead” –  and Irving Kral’s Teaserrama, but that was about it. After hanging up her G-string she started a mail order sexy underwear catalog “The Undie World of Lili St. Cyr”. Lili married 6 times and died in obscurity on Jan. 29, 1999 at the age of 80.


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