Style: 1976 Soo Catwoman

My waiter at the Thai restaurant where I had lunch today had the greatest haircut; short on the side but swooped up with a flat top. I knew I’d seen it before, albeit almost 40 years ago. That would be punk scenester – Soo Catwoman.  Born Soo Lucas in London (year unknown), Soo quickly made a name for herself with her extreme style. Punk was booming and Soo fit right in as part of The Bromely Contingent – a tight group of friends, among them Siouxie Sioux, Steve Severin, and Billy Idol who surrounded and supported the Sex Pistols. Soo would become one of the faces of the early punk scene, appearing on flyers, T-shirts and bags.

From her web site – “Soo Catwoman is a highly influential and inspirational figure, whose image has loomed large in public consciousness for the past 35 years.   She has pushed forward the frontiers of fashion with her handmade clothing and accessories, her striking make up and of course her  signature ‘Soo Catwoman’ hairstyle.  She remains a huge inspiration in  the worlds of music, art and fashion, her image is timeless and as striking today as it was in 1976”.

Soo Catwoman

Sex Pistols Tour Flyer

Siouxie Souix, Soo, Marco Peroni (Adam and the Ants) Photo Bob Gruen

Paul Cook, Soo, Johnny Rotten, Siouxie, ?

Soo and Joe Strummer

The Bromely Contingent

Soo on TV

Without the Haircut

Soo Today

With the family



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  1. This is wonderful to find! I was wondering what has happened or where Sue Catwoman has been. Her daughter is the spittin image of her.

  2. Does she have the haircut?

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