Photography: Directors

Though, for the most part, I love their films (Michael Heneke’s films frustrates the shit out of me – see Funny Games and Coppola really only made 2 great films, i.e. The Godfathers) but these photographs were not chosen to simply illustrate a list of great directors – no sir! Each photograph is a work of art in its own right. The opener of David Lynch is hilarious and completley unrepresentitive of his work and every other photo taken of him – but the hair is still there.  Check out your favorite cool uncle – John Waters, grandfatherly Billy Wilder, the Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes Anderson and the totally insane, yet slightly fey shot of Tarantino. And you just have to love those eyebrows on Scorsese – lush is not the word.

David Lynch

Takeshi Kitano

John Waters

Jim Jarmusch

Billy Wilder

Wes Anderson

Quentin Tarantino

Michael Haneke

Orson Welles

Martin Scorsese

Alfred Hithcock

Francis Coppola

Pedro Almodovar

Federico Fellini


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  1. Brilliant! Especially ove the ones of David Lynch, Billy Wilder, Scorsese (Those brows are a person of their own) and Hitchcock! They’re terrific.

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