The Art of Packaging: Vespa Around the World

Vespa – Italian for wasp. Developed in Italy in 1946, the Vespa took a few years to take off, but by 1950 it took off like a rocket selling over 60,000 scooters in Italy alone. With the 1952 movie Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck touring Rome on Vespas, sale went through the roof. By the mid-1950s, Vespas were being manufactured  in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain; in the 1960s, production was started in India, Brazil and Indonesia. The scooter design is iconic, and the advertising is equally unique. Beautifully designed ads and posters highlighted Vespas sleek styling and humorous outlook (an elephant on a scooter). It was the vehicle for the everyman – affordable, stylish, easy to drive and just plain cool-as-hell.

1949 – Italy

1949 – France

1950 – Italy

1953 – Italy

1954 – Denmark

1954 – France

1955 – Italy

1960 – Kenya

1961 – Italy

1962 – Italy

1965 – Thailand

1969-71 – Italy

1970 – Italy

1972 – Italy

1982 – Italy



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