Christina Lindberg & They Call Her One-Eye

They Call Her One-Eye, aka Thriller: A Cruel Picture, is a hard film to recommend – Christina Lindberg is not. First the movie; released in Sweden in 1973 and subsequently banned, …. One-Eye centers around a young woman (Lindberg) who loses her ability to speak after a brutal rape on her family farm. Leaving home she is picked up by a pimp and turned into a junkie and prostitute and gets stabbed in the eye ( which was controversially a real human cadaver) after refusing a client. So far, so creepy. On her limited off-time she takes classes in shooting, driving and martial arts and the second half of the film is a straight up revenge movie agaisnt all the men who abused her. Banned in Sweden and truncated from 107 minutes to 82 minutes for extensive violence, the director decided to add hard-core sex scenes to make up some time. These are pretty awful and completly obvious that they are not Christina Lindberg. They appear so tacked on that it’s almost laughable. Both versions were released and can be found on video.

Now for Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg (born 6 December 1950 in Gothenberg, Sweden). Lindberg appeared or starred in 23 feature films, most of which are erotica, exploitation or softcore pictures. Her character in One Eye was Quentin Tarantinos inspiration for the eye patch wearing character, Elle Driver, in the Kill Bill films. She quit acting in the 70’s when a picture she was working on with director  Gerard Damiano (who would later direct Deep Throat) was getting too close to an actual hard core movie. Christina is now a journalist and editor-in-chief of Sweden largest aviation magazine.


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