Design: Jaguar Magazine

There’s not a lot to be told about Jaguar – The Magazine for the Male Animal. Created after the success of Playboy, Jaguar was one of hundreds of magazines taking advantage of the new sexual freedom of the 60’s. What makes Jaguar interesting is that it had some pretty good authors writing for it, Truman Capote, Edward Albee, John Barth, et al. I doubt they were writing exclusively for Jaguar, probably they sent their stories to a number of publishers and they found their way into Jaguar but they’re there none the less. The other interesting thing is that it had possibly the dopeiest mascot, logo, spokes-animal in the history of men’s mags (or any mag for that matter) – Jaguar Bond Secret Agent 0069 from O.R.G.I.E. Nicely drawn at first, he got progressively weirder as the years went on – the 70’s in particular. It looks like Jaguar lasted into the mid-seventies but I don’t really know. I can’t see it going much further, as things started getting a bit more hard-core and though racy, I don’t see Jaguar Bond making it into the new era of Penthouse and Hustler – and we’re all better for that.

1964 First Issue – The Magazine for the Male Animal

1966 – Secret Agent 0069 – The Man From O.R.G.I.E.

1967 – Smooth Skin & Soft Fur

1967 – Tight, Twitching and Tender

1967 – The Girl With the Big Pink Pussycat

1967 – How to Organize a Pussycat Posse

1968 – Girls Who Swing in All Directions

1969 – Love-In, Greek Style

1970 – The Girl with the Big Pink Persuaders

1970 – A Little Hot Sherry

1971 – Stuck Deep in a Hot Wet Hole


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  1. Do you think there’s a chance that you send me pictures of the contents of these issues?

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