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Painting – Kirk Demarias “Awkward Family Portraits”

Kirk Demarias creates the stereotypical J.C. Penney awkward family portrait with an important twist: he portrays fictional families from film and TV. His colored pencil masterpieces come complete with bland studio portrait backdrops, forced smiles and bad clothes. If you don’t know what films these come from you obviousely haven’t watched a movie in 30 years. He’s even done a portrait of the Breaking Bad family to stay a bit current. I’m real partial to The Torrances and the Lundegaards – William H. Macy does have a winning smile. Slightly skewed, a little naive (on purpose) and completly hilarious. Check out more of Kirks work at

The Torrances

The Lundegaards

The Buellers

The McClaines

The Fischers

The McDunnoughs

Corky St. Clair

The Emersons

The Mitchells

The Bluths

The Johnsons

The Whites

Design: Frank Kozik

From Franks web-site:    Frank Kozik was born in Madrid, Spain in 1962 . At the age of 14 he moved to the United States and settled in Austin, Texas. Credited with single handedly reviving the “lost” art of the concert poster, his creative career rose largely out of his enthusiasm for Austin’s growing underground punk rock scene in the mid-eighties. Starting with black and white flyers for friends’ bands posted on telephone poles, his reputation grew as an artist whose work was graphically compelling as well as culturally gripping.

Kozik is based in San Francisco, California, where he produces artwork, toys and graphic design. He formerly managed his own record label, Man’s Ruin Records (1995-2001). Under which, he released over 220 singles and full length albums including the first Queens of the Stone Age single.

He has produced artwork for a diverse range of musicians such as Pearl Jam, the Butthole Surfers, Green Day, Neil Young, Sonic Youth,  the Melvins and many more.  In 1996, he  directed Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” music video.

Kozik’s commercial clients include Nike, Gatorade, Absolute Vodka, Oakley, Harley Davidson, and Spike TV. In 2001 Kozik left the music business and devoted himself full time to fine art and the newly emerging Vinyl Art Toy movement. Since 2001 he has designed over 300 separate toys and art multiples.

Teaming up with such entities as Kid Robot, Toy2R and others, he has created many collectible characters such as the Smorkin’ Labbit series, the Hate Dunny and Dr. Bomb. He is also known for producing hand painted, one of a kind custom toys and Kaiju figures.

In 2007, he started his own brand, Ultraviolence™, under which he produces limited edition art toys and bronze sculptures.

Concert Posters

Beastie Boys in Houston TX

Nirvana in TX

Surgery in Zurich

Butthole Surfers in Houston

Sonic Youth, Hole & Beck – Lollapalooza ’95

Gallery Posters

Trust – CBGB’s Gallery  New York City

In Mournful Remembrance – Tin Man Alley Gallery, New Hope PA.

The Rabbit Works – London

Sculpture – Toys

Smorkin Labbit – Bondage version

Ludwig Van – Clockwork Orange version

Dead Che

Ho Chi Minh – Neon

Kozik Sells Out – In a good way


Nike Dunks

ipod – iphone cover

Absolut Vodka

Christina Lindberg & They Call Her One-Eye

They Call Her One-Eye, aka Thriller: A Cruel Picture, is a hard film to recommend – Christina Lindberg is not. First the movie; released in Sweden in 1973 and subsequently banned, …. One-Eye centers around a young woman (Lindberg) who loses her ability to speak after a brutal rape on her family farm. Leaving home she is picked up by a pimp and turned into a junkie and prostitute and gets stabbed in the eye ( which was controversially a real human cadaver) after refusing a client. So far, so creepy. On her limited off-time she takes classes in shooting, driving and martial arts and the second half of the film is a straight up revenge movie agaisnt all the men who abused her. Banned in Sweden and truncated from 107 minutes to 82 minutes for extensive violence, the director decided to add hard-core sex scenes to make up some time. These are pretty awful and completly obvious that they are not Christina Lindberg. They appear so tacked on that it’s almost laughable. Both versions were released and can be found on video.

Now for Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg (born 6 December 1950 in Gothenberg, Sweden). Lindberg appeared or starred in 23 feature films, most of which are erotica, exploitation or softcore pictures. Her character in One Eye was Quentin Tarantinos inspiration for the eye patch wearing character, Elle Driver, in the Kill Bill films. She quit acting in the 70’s when a picture she was working on with director  Gerard Damiano (who would later direct Deep Throat) was getting too close to an actual hard core movie. Christina is now a journalist and editor-in-chief of Sweden largest aviation magazine.

Design: Japanese Manhole Covers

Manhole covers? I know what you’re thinking – what could possibly be special about a manhole covers? Well, have a look. These are beautifully designed pieces of art, each unique to the specific city or town. 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities have specially designed  covers totally well over 6000 different designs. All the covers are forged in one foundry, (the Nagashima Foundry in Osaka) from carved master plates that have all been preserved in a central library. As there are so many, it has become a bit of a hobby for some to photograph as many as possible. The photos here are from the collection of S. Morita.

Yakage Okayama

Onomichi City

Kinosaki Town

Hikigawa Wakayama

Kanaya Town

Osaka City

Kawabe Town

Yamatokoriyama Nara


Kuwana Mie

Izumisno City


Izumi Osaka

Takamatsu Kagawa

LPs: Asian Girls

Lets’s stay on the Asian girl group tip for a bit longer (after yesterdays 5,6,7,8’s post). I don’t know anything about any of these groups – except Pink Lady (who had a short-lived American variety TV show in the 1980’s – Pink Lady and Jeff). The rest are a mystery, consigned to the cut-out bins of Asia. These are from all over Asia, some Japanese, some Thai, some Korean, some Filipino, all cool. The last 2 may not be girl groups, I just really like the design. Thanks again to

The Stylers

The Pinky Chicks

Soul Sauce  – The Idaly Sisters wit X-Periment

Pink Lady

Dara Puspita

Duang Dao

The Vampires

Sakura and Rita

The Travellers

The Stylers

Music: The 5,6,7,8’s

Formed by 2 sisters in Tokyo in 1986, the 5,6,7,8’s are the greatest Japanese, all female, garage trio – in the world (probably the only Japanese, all female, garage trio in the world). Even though the group mostly sing their songs in Japanese, they do crazy-fast covers of American rock and roll from the 1950s and 60s. However, their official website and most of their fansites are in Japanese, as they have their biggest following in their home country. Where have you seen this band? That would be Kill Bill 1 at the House of Blue Leaves, right before Uma Thurman kills everyone of the Crazy 88’s playing a cover of the The Rock-A-Teens – Woo Hoo. All grimy 3-chord guitars and sped up heavily accented English, the 5,6,7,8’s seriously move and are just plain great to look at and listen too. Find one of their many LP’s and hear for yourself, Bomb the Twist is pretty great. They currently are on Jack White’s super cool 3rd Man lable and just recorded an new LP – Live at 3rd Man.

5678s in Kill Bill