Photography: Burlesque part 4

I’ve posted a few series of Burlesque promo shots before and I always get huge feedback. I got a note from the infamous Bambie Jones (still stripping at 70+ btw) telling me that act Diane Ross and her Monkey Squeaky were really nice people (and monkey). The daughter of Mickey ‘Ginger’ Jones – The Wham-Wham Girl, told me it was great seeing her mom, who had recently passed away, again. These are pretty great. Beautiful woman with cool stage names who wanted something different at a time when the June Cleaver mom ideal was the strongest.

Valerie Lavender

Jamie West – “The Queen of Muscle Control”

Lavender and her Purple Cat

Lilly “The Cat Girl” Christine

Gail Winds – “The Original Twister”

Dee Light – “The Dynamic – Delightful – Eye – Full”

Anne Howe

Baby Lulu Wilnot

Stunning Smith

Justa Dream – “The Out Of This World Girl”

Mary Mack – “The Naughty Girl Next Door!”

Shimmy Wilde

La Peruvia

Misty Moro


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