Big Fan: Roxy Music

Roxy Music – formed by a bunch of British Art School lads in 1972, Roxy Music went on to record 8 lps, heavily influence the glam and later punk scene in Britain, turn Bryan Ferry into an international superstar and Eno into a brilliant ambient musician and one of the most sought after producers in the world. Never really big in the US (except for 1975’s Love is a Drug and 1982’s Avalon) they were huge, huge, everywhere else in the world. Starting off as a super-glam outfit and morphing into a more lounge lizard, sophisticated persona, Roxy still performs today, after many splits and reunions – in a truncated version (Ferry, Mackay & Manzenara). Ferry tours on his solo work and has recently appeared in H & M ads. Eno (real name Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno) records an occaisional LP and collaborates with David Byrne on various projects as well as producing (Bowie, U2, Devo, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, et al.) The later LPs are more lush and easier on the ears. The first 2 w/ Eno are a art school freakout with odd early synth bleeps and psych guitar work by Manzanera, and Ferry’s wobbley croon on top of it all. Highly recommended – check out “For Your Pleasure” or ‘Stranded” as a good starting point to their early career.

Paul Thompson,Eno, Andy Mackay Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzenara

“Foy Your Pleasure” gatefold sleeve

Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry

After Eno – a little less glam w/ Eddie Jobson on synths

Roxy Music 2011

Brian Eno

Bryan Ferry


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