Burlesque Promo Shots Pt. 6 – Va Va Va Voom

I’ve posted a number of vintage Burlesque promo shots before and I always get great reactions. Some from fans and a couple from the actual dancers themselves, which is astounding. Besides the sexy cheesecake aspect of these, I love the stage names, the costumes, and for the most part it looks as if they’re having the time of their lives. They actually look happy. They also look like real women and not the plastic-ey, sullen, angry looking dancers of today. Come on, man, who wouldn’t go to a strip club featuring names like Bubbles Darlene, Precious Diamond, The Eyefull Tower Girl, Irma The Body or Sally The Shape?

Daccine – “The Pet Of Paree”

Diana Sweet

Dixie Evans – “The Marilyn Monroe Of Burlesque”

Do May – “The Cherokee Half-Breed”

Irma The Body – aka. Mary Goodneighbor

Jeanine France – “The Eyefull Tower Girl”

Letha Lynn – “The Bewitcher of the Bewitched”

Patti “Crazy Legs” Griffin – Backstage

Precious Diamond

Sally The Shape – “The Girl With The Amazing Hour-Glass Figure”

SATIN – “The Siren in Silk”

Stunning Smith






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