Design: Tokyo Subway Posters – 1976-1982

These are a series of posters collected over a 6 year time span to try and make the citizens of Tokyo more aware of Subway etiquette. It would seem like leaving your umbrella and smoking on the platforms at undesignated times were the biggest problems, but there were other concerns, like gum and public drunkeness. The use of manga and cartoon characters is expected but the use of, say, Jesus and the Last Supper as a reminder to take your umbrella is just plain odd, hilarious but odd.

Don't Get runk and Fall Asleep - Christmas time poster

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Don’t Rush on at the Last Minute

Give Up Your Seat to the Elderly

Don’t Smoke During Non-Smoking Times

Mind Your Umbrella

Show Your Train Pass

Stay Behind the White Lines

Don’t Monopolize the Seats

No Gum on the Platforms

Give Up Your Seat for Mothers and Babies

Careful with Your Belongings

No Smoking

Don’t Forget That Umbrella

No Smoking


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