Vacuform Kids Halloween Masks

These beautiful masks were popular from the late 1960’s into the mid 1980’s. They would usually represent some traditional monster, TV character or toy popular at the time. They came in a cheap paper box with a “costume” of the chosen character. The ‘costume’ being a simple smock or a pants/shirt combo that tied in the back, made out of a highly questionable and most likely flamable material. For example, if you were G.I. Joe, like the first mask, you’d probably get an off register screen printed costume of an army uniform w/ a picture of Joe on it with a big ol’ logo to remind everyone who you were and who made your costume/toy. An added bonus was the masks were made from a flexible, but easily tearable sharp plastic that could slice an occasional ear or chin if you weren’t careful. Plus the child had minimal sight lines with the small eye holes that offered no peripheral vision whatsoever. So to recap, a child’s cosume that was flamable, dangerously sharp and you couldn’t really see out of very well – ah the 60’s. As an added bonus, they were terrible for the kids self esteem as it branded him/her an uncreative, ‘couldn’t-be-bothered’ loser that had no time or energy to come up w/ a real costume. Pity the poor child who had to wear the Mork from Ork, the Leather Guy from The Village People or E.T. costumes.

G.I. Joe


Barnabus Collins – “Dark Shadows” (1960’s)

Kitty/Bear Cub (?)

Paul Stanly – KISS

Bunny w/ collar and hat

Rattfink Racer

Ratt Fink




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