Halloween Playlist: Clinic – “Walking With Thee”

Clinic – “Walking with Thee” is not specifically a scarey Halloween LP – no lyrics about murder, no Marilyn Manson metal crunch, just the eeriest sound you’re likely to hear, more like a soundtrack to a good horror movie. They base their sound around cheap organs and pianos and the always creepy Melodica (a hand held keyboard that you blow into). “Walking with Thee” was their 2nd LP, released in 2002 and voted one of Rollings Stone Magazines ‘Top 50 LPs’ of that year. Stand out tracks for your Shoctober Playlist are ‘Harmony’ and the title track. Sure, their surgical costumes can seem a bit affected and at times a bit corny, but it somehow works pretty well for these 4 lads from Liverpool. They certainly give off a creepy, somewhat Victorian vibe – perfect for Halloween.


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