Halloween: Those Damn Kids Vol. 3 – Cute-ish

We’ll be getting back to design in a few days but right now it’s still Halloween. So . . . here are some more costumed kids. This time a little less creepy and more on the cute side – I guess (The clown is still messed up).

Fox and Hound



Popeye, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & . . . hey wait a minute!

The masks don’t match the costumes

John Lennon

Lambchop, Spider Man, Raggedy Ann & a couple of Storm Troopers

Something, Satan & Wendy the Witch

Kurt, Kent & Jim

Awful Clown



The Devil & Frankenstein

Wonder Women, Witch & ‘Space Robot’

2 Demons

Hipster, Gilligan, Asian Girl, Opie Taylor, Rabbit, & Doll Bride – (All are guesses, except the rabbit)


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  1. I think the one on the left is also Opie.

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