Design: Public Health Campaign – Taiwan 1959

These were from a campaign to make children aware of health issues, such as washing up before meals, getting plenty of sleep, brushing your teeth, etc. What’s amazing is, that for the most part, without understanding the language all these messages are pretty clear, simply through the great illustrations. There are a couple of ringers though. The last one is a bit confusing – is it telling us to “wash your hands after you wipe your butt and before meals”?  Posters 9 & 12 tell us that mosquitoes were apparently a big problem for the Taiwanese children of the 1950’s ‘so keep plenty of DDT around the house’, one assumes… Malaria? The rest are clear as a bell, ‘go to sleep early’, ‘get plenty of exercise’, ‘don’t get Tuberculosis’ … everything a child needs to know to stay healthy.
As pure design they’re equally great. The very slightly off-register 3 color printing is beautiful and the illustration and layout is wonderful – simple, clean and to-the-point.


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