Photography: Burlesque Pt. 6

Always a crowd pleaser. The ladies of burlesque are beautiful, sexy and way ahead of their time. These photos come from the excellant site Check it out, hundreds of great vintage burlesque and striptease shots.

1955 New York City – Striptease Dolls & Burlesk Beauties

Gay Dawn

Candy Barr – The Sugar & Spice Girl

Diane Ross and her Monkey Squeaky

“Flaming” Mamie Stover – The Female Firecracker

Gilda and her Crowning Glory (?)

Yvette Dare and her Macaw Lippy

Rose La Rose – Off Work

Donna Mae “Busty” Brown

Gay Dawn – Part 2

Lilly Christine

Jada – World’s Hottest Exotic

Lily Ayers – aka. Icel Condon

Mitzi Doré

Libby Jones – The Park Avenue Playgirl



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  1. Cool post! I just watched vivacious Gay Dawn in the 1950 burlesque movie Everybody’s Girl and was looking for a picture of her to link to on Twitter and I found your post.

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