Packaging: Design Overkill?

Now that anyone can basically steal any bit of music they want, how does the record industry make up for falling sales. Among other things, the answer is to make outlandish, super deluxe versions. You could probably find all this music online but you wouldn’t get the extras, like books, t-shirts, a working amp or turntable. Some of these are beautifully designed, some are just plain crazy and all are expensive.

Alice Cooper Old School_800Alice Cooper – School’s Out/Retrospective   6 CDs in a wooden desk, 2 books, a couple of 7′ singles, various prints and photos – $800.00

whitestripes-vinyl-500The White Stripes – Working portable record player, headphones, box of red vinyl singles, slip mat. $500

burton-elfman-box-set-13-500Tim Burton & Danny Elfman Box – Every soundtrack plus music written for the box (17 discs) all in a working zoetrope with book and photos. $500

acdc_200AC/DC – European Tour 1977 – 5 discs, 1 vinyl, photos, badges, ticket repro, tour poster and a working amplifier – $200

costes_10_250Hotel Costes – The Collection. 10 Discs housed in a beautiful faux suede case – $250

motorhead-box-set750Motohead – Every Motorhead disc (15) in a sweet plastic skull-thing w/ various extras. $750

yo-yo-ma-90-900Yo-Yo Ma – The Box. Career spanning collection of 90 CDs in a beautifully designed wood box with a coffee table hard bound book. $900

pixies-minotaur-600The Pixies – Minotaur. All the studio LPs w/ 3 hardcover books, prints autographed by the band, vinyl versions of each LP in a 3 foot 10lb box. $500

queen-live-at-wembley-super-deluxe-300Queen Live at Wembley – 2 CDs, 2 DVDs in a touring case. Comes w/ soccer scarf, Hawaiin Tour shirt, blow up Freddy doll, back stage laminates and posters. $300

rammstein_300Rammstein – Liebe ist Fur Alle. 1 CD in metal tour case w/ 6 dildos, modeled from each member of the band, handcuffs and lube. $300

cat_screamadelica_150Primal Scream – Screamidelica. 5 CDs 2 vinyl LPs, T-shirt, slip mat, prints and a hard bound book. $150

And the biggest money waster is….

u2_13_500U2 – Achtung Baby. 6 CDs of outtakes and original LP, 4 DVDs, badges, vinyl version of LP, Bono’s sunglasses, a couple of singles, prints and posters. Remember this is for 1 LP that really isn’t that great. $500

And the most expensive

karajan_240_3300Herbert von Karajan. 240 discs (no T-shirts or posters) $3,300


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