Film: The Birds – 50 Years On

Alfred Hitchcock’s next film after Psycho, The Birds (1963) was very loosely based on a short story by British author Daphne Du Maurier and also a strange occurrence in Monterray CA in 1961 where thousands of birds inexplicably slammed into houses and people (which years later was put down to birds eating tainted squid and anchovies). Starring another typical Hitchcock icy (and beautiful) blond – Tippi Hedren, with Rod Taylor and and the yummy Suzanne Pleshette. The story goes that Hitchcock completely controlled every move Miss Hedren made, from her wardrobe to the color of her lipstick. For whatever reason he even tied live birds to her clothing for the climatic final attack causing the birds to scratch her face and basically drive her crazy. Most of the birds were puppets or animated but some were real trained crows and seagulls. When the filming was over most were set free only to pester the occupants of Bodega Bay Ca. for years to come,  by landing on their heads and giving them light pecks.

The Birds





the birds B2

the birds B5




Annex - Hedren, Tippi (Birds, The)_06




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  1. Those are some great shots. Ive never seen most of them. I saw the movie in the theatre a few months back and it’s even better on the big screen.

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