Design Overkill Part 2 – Blu-Ray & DVD

As it’s so easy to download your favorite movie for free (and illegally) on the internet, designers of  DVDs and Blu-Ray packaging  are going way, way out of their way to sweeten the deal with extras, bonuses, toys and insane geegaws. It’s all about the packaging baby- (something you still can’t download, yet.) How else do you make people buy a stinker of a movie like Terminator Salvation.

ET-Exploded-Blu-ray-BoxsetE.T. The Extra Terrestrial – Comes in a battery operated space ship that opens to reveal the disc. Also hours of behind the scenes and a hardbound book.


Lost – The Series – 36 Discs, comes w/ board game, prop replicas and book all in a weird box


Transformers – Ultimate – 7 discs (why, why why) in a metal box w/ a framed film strip signed by the fabulous Mr. Michael Bay. I believe this is just the first movie, though it may be all 3.


Twilight – Eclipse – From Japan (of course). One film on 4 discs, extras galore, cards, still, jewel box, charms, etc. For the seriously troubled collector.


Twilight – Breaking Dawn – Again from Japan


Scarface – Packaged in a working humidor. “The World is Yours”. Your friends will be impressed.


Blade Runner Ultimate – 5 discs. The movie in 4 different versions. With toys, stills and books. All in a sweet metal attache case.


Harry Potter – The Wizards Collection  All the films on 4 discs each, totaling 32. Tons of extras, books, toys, etc all in a wooden chest of drawers.


Watchmen – The Owls’ light up space ship with 2 discs.


The Matrix  – 5 discs in a sweet cheap plastic space ship.


Walking Dead Season 3 – Nice lenticular plastic box.

Toy Story_DVD_Blu-ray_Ultimate_Toy_Box_Collection

Toy Story 1 – 3 10 discs in a nice tin play chest


Dark Shadows TV Show – Pretty cool packaging. 131 discs (!!!???)  in a hard paper coffin.


Terminator Salvation – Nice metal blinky terminator head


Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil) – Book, film and a really big toy.


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