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Design: Movie Posters from Ghana Pt 4

To recap ( as this is the 4th installment of these beautifully weird posters) – these hand painted canvases are transported from village to village throughout Ghana to promote the film, in a drive-in like setting. Most of the others I’ve shown are popular Hollywood films but this new batch seems to have a few local titles such as I Hate My Village, Stolen Bible 2 and Mattress of Love.  It would seem that the good people of Ghana go more for the horror or exploitation genre with an occasional family film thrown in for good measure, i.e. Chuck Norris’ Top Dog. It does however boggle the imagination thinking of a bunch of Ghanian villagers sitting around watching Kid and Play in House Party – they probably see it as some sort of crazy science fiction film.

a 725_ghana

a ghana

a ghana_04

a ghana-17


a evil-deade-3

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-11

a Ghana-Movie-Posters-8

a gfhana 6

a ghanaposter-reanimator

a Ghana_021


a ghana-movie-posters-26[5]

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-14

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-19

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-21

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-15a-ghana.w654

Tomorrowland and Homes of the Future

Apparently the future is all plastic, shiny silver suits and, believe it or not, jet packs. That’s what Walt Disney thought anyway when he built Tomorrowland in 1955. The attraction was meant to represent what things would look like in that far, far away year of 1986. In 1957, the Monsanto Home of the Future – a house built entirely of plastic (the opposite of green) was installed. This was similar to many other ‘future’ exhibits at previous World’s Fairs, though those were homes furnished with modern conveniences meant simply to astonish housewives. This however was the whole house – from floor to ceiling, packed full of all mod and future cons. The attraction displayed conveniences such as picture phones , big screen TVs, self cleanable kitchens and TV remote controls, it also introduced many people to their first microwave oven. As you may know the plastic house never really caught on, but a lot of the other ideas did and are commonplace today. Tomorrowland still stands but no one really seems to care. It’s just a cool kitsch idea of what might have been….with jet packs.







houseplan disney





More Homes of the Future




Furniture Show


How to Undress for Your Husband – 1937

“Frankly as a social measure Allen Gilbert, who puts on shows for such topnotch burlesque houses as Manhattan’s Apollo and Philadelphia’s Shubert, is starting a School of Undressing in Manhattan this month. Three wives, anxious to improve their marital manners, will learn the correct way to take off their clothes. Mr. Gilbert feels that many a marriage ends in the divorce court because the wife grows sloppy and careless in the bedroom. “I am dedicating my school to the sanctity of the American home,” he says. The Gilbert faculty is recruited from the ranks of the burlesque performers from all over. Already 48 wives who suspect there is something wrong with their disrobing methodology have signed up for the $30 Gilbert course of six lessons. From these they will learn how to make going to bed appear a thing of charm and pleasure rather than a routine chore.”















june st. clair with allen gilbert

june st. clair with allen gilbert




Design: The 50 Worst Popular Album Covers

This would be easy to fill up if you were to include every bad Heavy Metal LP or half-assed Christian DYI record but the chore here is to award those with a bit of fame who should have known better. Also not included are those that were cool in their time but haven’t aged that well – *see almost every New Wave LP with special attention to the Duran Duran Patrick Nagel Albums. Apologies as this will probably be  super cynical, bitchy and judgmental but there you are. Please send your nominations for this prestigious honor.


1. Kevin Rowland – My Beauty  1999
Kevin’s solo effort between Dexy’s Midnight Runners LPs (Come On Eileen). What in Christ’s name was Kevin thinkin with this slice of ugly drag. The LP sunk like a stone, selling only 20,000 copies worlwide and KR’s been living it down ever sense.


2. Rolling Stones – GRRRR! – 2013  When in doubt put out another greatest hits package, but a happy gorilla with Stone logo lips and fangs?
3. The Cranberries – Bury the Hatchet – 1999    Hey Cranberries Pink Floyd wants their album cover back.


4. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon – 1973   A classic.  A boring over used shitty classic
5. Nirvana – Nevermind – 1991     I just can’t get behind this cover, no matter how hard I try. Great LP, bad cover art.


6. Pearl Jam – 10 – 1991  Folds out to the awful “We’re in this together” pose. The ultimate high-five by a bunch of stand-up bros.
7. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Mosquito – 2013  Ironic? Weird? Crazy? – Dumb!


8. The Strokes – Angles – 2011 – The Strokes are a bit dancier now – which is fine but this 80’s throwback cover is not.
9. Michael Jackson – Hits – Whatever

10 Black_Sabbath_Paranoid_coveralbum - Copy

10. Black Sabbath – Paranoid – 1971
I guess Sabbath just couldn’t be bothered. The most evil band in the world uses a triple exposure of someone’s’ fat uncle with a toy sword and motorcycle helmet. Laughs instead of screams.


11. Frank Black – The Cult of Ray – 1996  After the breakup of the Pixies, Frank Black aka Black Francis nee Charles Thompson recorded 2 great LPs w/ equally great covers then along came this. Terrible cover, terrible album.

12. Iggy Pop – Beat Em Up – 2001  C’mon Igg, what were you thinkin’?


13. Joe Henry – Trampoline – 1996  Joe Henry is a great singer/song writer and producer. His LPs are all consistently good. I don’t know what this one sounds like because I refused to buy it because of this cover.

14. Neil Young – Fork in the Road – 2009  “Hey guys, just woke up from my nap, lets do an album.”


15. Ron Sexsmith – Blue Boy – 2001   Another great singer/songwriter. Loved by many, championed by Elvis Costello. So why the naïf drawing and scrawled type?

16 Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggy Style – 1993  Jeez man, just look at this thing! Beware the Dogg!


17. Starship – Knee Deep in the Hoopla – 1985   Starship was the remaining dregs of the 70’s band Jefferson Airplane who became Jefferson Starship and then simply Starship. Even though this was the design wasteland of the 80’s there is no excuse for this.

18. The Who – by Numbers – 1975  Oh look, it was drawn by the bassist – nice work John.


19. Queen – The Miracle – 1989  Pretty good Photoshop V1 work.

20. Europe – The Final Countdown – 1986    They’re Swedish. ‘Nuff said.

20 Take-A-Look-At-Those-Cakes-cover

21. James Brown – Take a Look at Those Cakes – 1978   “Goodness sakes. Take a look at those cakes.” Thanks James, you look good on that couch.


22. Body Count – Body Count – 1990  Ice T’s heavy metal outfit. The cover says Cop Killer which coincidentally is the song T caved in on and took off the LP at Time-Warners request.

23. CS&N – Live it Up – 1990  Hot dogs on the moon means…?


24. Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon – 1970    Ok first album design jitters.

25. Elton John – Capt. Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy – 1975   The title as well as the creepy drawing of Elton make this # 25


26. Velvet Underground – 1969 Vol 2 – 1974  Not really offensive or bad, just kind of …unh?

27. Mike Watt – “Hyphenated-Man” – 2010   He of the Minuteman, respected session player and collector of unexplainable ‘art’. Oh and nice use of Comic Sans type face.


28. The Roots – Rising Down – 2008   Really?  I mean really!?

29. Pantera – Metal Magic – 1983  Sweet pinkish panther thing with a wicked sword,  reflective hand drawn type and a stormy dark landscape. Beautiful.

30_600_millie jackson

30. Millie Jackson – Back to the S@#t – 1989  Voted the worst album ever on many polls (I just made that up). Millie took a chance, not only w/ an LP full of swearing and dirty songs but an appropriate cover to match. There is no other way to think of Millie Jackson than her on this cover holding that one shoe and in pain(?).


31. Scorpians – Lovedrive – 1979   The famous Gum-Boob cover.

32. Megapuss – 2011   Devendra Banhart and some other smelly hippy are Megapuss!


33. T Rex – Futuristic Dragon – 1976  Marc Bolan and T Rex’s last LP, before he crashed into a tree and died. A great artist w/ a terrible swan song cover (the music however is Bolan back to form).

34. Ted Nugent – Love Grenade – 2007  Thanks Ted – You dick!


35. Talking Heads – True Stories – 1986  Bored guys? Thanks for trying.

36. Spiritualized – Sweet Heart, Sweet Light – 2011  Ditto


37. Marvin Gaye – In Our Lifetime – 1981  Heaven and Hell, blah, blah, blah. C’mon Marvin get back to the sexy stuff.

38. Joss Stone – Color Me Free – 2009    This is truly, truly bad. Is this a coloring book for serial killers?


39. Gin Blossoms – No Chocolate Cake – 2010    Didn’t you guys have a couple hits back in the 90’s? Oh wait, it’s the Loverboy cover with cake.

40. James – Hey Ma – 2008   They are the band that had one US hit w/ a song called Laid – remember? Me neither.  This is their come back album.


41. Rush – Hemispheres – 1978   God help us. Stupid Metal-Prog bullshit design that makes no sense. Did every Prog band in the 80’s see the same Dali painting or something.


42. Rolling Stones – Dirty Work – 1986    Hey it’s The Stones again! Good to see you boys.

43. Prince – For You – 1978  It’s all about the hair – and the girly type face.


44. Guns & Roses – The Spaghetti Incident – 1993   I really don’t understand the point of this cover. Is there a reference I’m missing or something? Plus it’s hard to read and the spaghetti looks awful

45. The Kinks – Low Budget – 1979  Low budget indeed. The once great Kinks take a taste break.


46. Whitesnake – Lovehunter – 1979  Kind of a typical Hair-Metal album but extra bad.

47. The Black Keys – Brother – 2011   Bad type choice on a lazy cover.


48. Hall & Oates – 1975  If you were to buy this LP because of the cover you’d expect a gay cabaret act – like Soft Cell or something. What you got was sweet boring MOR Philly soul.

49. Phish – Billy Breathes – 1996  Fuck these guys


50. Kenny Loggins – Return to Pooh Corner – 1994  Ok, this is a kids LP but c’mon. A unicorn! And why isn’t the child-like reflection Kenny Loggins wearing a serape. And why … oh never mind.

Art: Japanese Rice Field Murals

Tanbo art is a Japanese creation in which people plant various types and colors of rice and ‘grow’ a giant picture in rice paddy fields. It all started back in 1993 when the village of Inakadate, about 600 miles north of Tokyo, was looking to create a project that would ‘revitalize’ the local economy. They needed a way to attract tourists and Japanese rice field art was born.
Every April, the villagers meet and decide what to plant for the year. Prior to planting, farmers sketch out the designs on computers to figure out where and how to plant the rice. In 2007, over 700 people helped to plant the design. In Inakadate, the fields used are approximately 15,000 square meters (3.7 acres). The best time to view the rice field artworks is in September.
Four different types of heirloom and modern strains of rice are planted and cultivated to create the paddy art. For example, purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice is used along with local green-leafed tsugaru roman varieties.
Following Inakadate’s example, other villages such as Yonezawa in Yamagata prefecture, have started to create their own tanbo art. The growing attention and competition has made competing villages go bigger each year.

Thanks to





tanbo art hokusai





Inakadate, Aomori







Design: Chinese Space Baby Posters

I gotta’ admit that I know next to nothing about these posters. My assumption is that they were created in the late 60’s in answer to the world space race (well really just the US and Russia). A sort of  “Watch our Glorious Nation grow, sending it’s children to the stars” kind of thing. One thing I do know about these posters is that they are cool-as-hell. Bright colors, crazy subject matter and wonderfully detailed – and damn those babies look happy..




59 Chinese Space Baby