Tomorrowland and Homes of the Future

Apparently the future is all plastic, shiny silver suits and, believe it or not, jet packs. That’s what Walt Disney thought anyway when he built Tomorrowland in 1955. The attraction was meant to represent what things would look like in that far, far away year of 1986. In 1957, the Monsanto Home of the Future – a house built entirely of plastic (the opposite of green) was installed. This was similar to many other ‘future’ exhibits at previous World’s Fairs, though those were homes furnished with modern conveniences meant simply to astonish housewives. This however was the whole house – from floor to ceiling, packed full of all mod and future cons. The attraction displayed conveniences such as picture phones , big screen TVs, self cleanable kitchens and TV remote controls, it also introduced many people to their first microwave oven. As you may know the plastic house never really caught on, but a lot of the other ideas did and are commonplace today. Tomorrowland still stands but no one really seems to care. It’s just a cool kitsch idea of what might have been….with jet packs.







houseplan disney





More Homes of the Future




Furniture Show



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  1. These are all brilliant! Love them all…wish I had a home that looked like this haha

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