Design: Movie Posters from Ghana Pt 4

To recap ( as this is the 4th installment of these beautifully weird posters) – these hand painted canvases are transported from village to village throughout Ghana to promote the film, in a drive-in like setting. Most of the others I’ve shown are popular Hollywood films but this new batch seems to have a few local titles such as I Hate My Village, Stolen Bible 2 and Mattress of Love.  It would seem that the good people of Ghana go more for the horror or exploitation genre with an occasional family film thrown in for good measure, i.e. Chuck Norris’ Top Dog. It does however boggle the imagination thinking of a bunch of Ghanian villagers sitting around watching Kid and Play in House Party – they probably see it as some sort of crazy science fiction film.

a 725_ghana

a ghana

a ghana_04

a ghana-17


a evil-deade-3

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-11

a Ghana-Movie-Posters-8

a gfhana 6

a ghanaposter-reanimator

a Ghana_021


a ghana-movie-posters-26[5]

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-14

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-19

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-21

a Ghana-Movie-Poster-15a-ghana.w654


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