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Design: The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein, 1935 – The first of a long list of sequels in the Frankenstein saga. The first treatment was called The New Adventures of Frankenstein — The Monster Lives!, but quickly changed. Directed by James Whale and starring Boris Karloff  as the Monster and 33 year old Elsa Lancaster as the titular Bride (as well as Mary Shelly in the opening sequence). The film was critically praised upon its release, although some reviewers did qualify their opinions based on the film’s being in the horror genre. The New York Telegram called the film “good entertainment of its kind”. The New York Post described it as “a grotesque, gruesome tale which, of its kind, is swell”. The Hollywood Reporter similarly called the film “a joy for those who can appreciate it” The posters and art for Bride… are all beautiful and extremely rare. The first poster below brought over $700K at auction a few years ago (there’s only one thought to exist).

Bride - teaser poster 1935

Bride – teaser poster 1935




French poster

French poster


Belgian poster

Belgian poster

fiancee belinski

English re-release 1950s

English re-release 1950s

German poster

German poster

The Bride - Elsa Lancaster

The Bride – Elsa Lancaster

bride of frankestein



Behind the scenes - tea time

Behind the scenes – tea time