His Ever Changing Moods – Paul Weller’s Hair

John William Weller (Paul) – Born May 25 1956, Woking, Surrey England.  Paul Weller first came into the public eye in 1976 with the formation of The Jam. Although The Jam emerged at the same time as other punk bands like The Clash and The Sex Pistols, The Jam were the odd band out, and being from just outside London rather than the city itself, they were never really part of the tightly-knit punk clique. Nonetheless, it was The Clash who became a leading supporter and took them along as the support act on their White Riot tour of 1977, sealing their fame. Weller would dissolve The Jam after 5 LPs to form the Curtis Mayfield inspired soul band – The Style Council, recording a couple of pretty great albums, closing shop in 1989. From 1991 on it’s been solo work for Paul, releasing critically well received albums every few years.

Now to the Hair. Sporting a good close-cropped punk haircut in the Jam’s early days, Paul quickly evolved to a sweet Mod bowl cut, to a back-combed young Roger Daltry, to a Rod Stewart Peacock with an occasional soul boy look for good measure. And then the current ‘Do’ that he’s rocked for the past 20 years. He calls it the ‘Weller Wig’. Why call it anything else? It’s indescribable. It’s his haircut. Oasis tried it, some of the guys in Blur gave it a shot for a bit. Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane – yep. But no one wears it like the Modfather. May he never go bald.

The Jam - about 1977

The Jam – about 1977

1977 age 19

1977 age 19


Paul Weller, Rick Buckler, Bruce Foxton

Paul Weller, Rick Buckler, Bruce Foxton





The Style Council - Paul Weller & Mick Talbot 1983

The Style Council – Paul Weller & Mick Talbot 1983

About 1985

About 1985


paul-weller (2)






Looking dapper at 56

Looking dapper at 56



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