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Merry Christmas – After the Fact w/ Kenny Irwin Jr.

Just got back from holiday in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. One of the many reasons to go to Palm Springs is to see the art of Mr. Kenny Irwin Jr. Kenny is in his early 40’s, and as the story goes, had some sort of epiphany (or break down) in his teens and started building things and creating art uncontrollably. Kenny’s dad – possibly the best dad in America – decided to open his 4 acre Palm Springs estate to allow his son to create. The home and grounds are located in the Movie Colony area of PS, down the street from Sinatras’ old house and surrounded by serious wealth. Kenny works 12 hour days year round on his creations and a few months before Xmas he begins the amazingly huge job of turning it into a Christmas spectacle. These things are huge by-the-way. Some reaching over 30-40 feet and they cover almost every inch of the Irwin property. The lights will be on until Jan 3rd this year so check him out if your in the area.

Welcome to Robolights

Welcome to Robolights






















Who the Hell is Korla Pandit?

Korla Pandit – born 1921, was BIG in the 50’s. he recorded over 2 dozen LP (all on the Hammond or Pipe organ), had his own TV show – Korla Pandit’s Adventures In Music, appeared on various TV shows, films, radio and concerts.  He was the king of the new medium called TV and pioneered the style of music that would become known as Exotica. In his later years as Exotica became popular again Korla would tour small theaters and concert halls with an occasional Pizza and Pipes gig for good measure.  In 1994 director Tim Burton dug Korla out of retirement to play himself in his biopic of sensationally shitty director, Ed Wood in the film of the same name. Korla would pass away from a heart attack 4 years later at the age of 77.

But, who was the mysteriously mystic Korla Pandit? An ancient Indian musician (he claimed on occasion to be 2000 years old)? A gifted keyboard player w/ an exotic name and appearance? Well, it turns out that Korla Pandit was actually born John Roland Redd in an African-American family from St Louis Missouri. In the 1940’s he played for a few years under the name Juan Rolando to some success. In 1944, he reinvented his image, eventually replacing “Juan Rolando” with “Korla Pandit” and fabricating a romantic history for him as a baby born in New Delhi, India to a Brahmin priest and a French opera singer. A good story goes a long way.




"Love Letters" LP

“Love Letters” LP

... Plays Music of the Mystic East

… Plays Music of the Mystic East (in Full Radial Stereo)

From his TV show "Adventures in Music"

From his TV show “Adventures in Music”

With Roy Rodgers

With Roy Rodgers

With Paramahansa Yogananda

With Paramahansa Yogananda and Mrs Pandit (far right)

Korla plays the Rose Bowl

Korla plays the Rose Bowl

With son Shari

With son Shari

Korla sans turban

Korla sans turban



Hanging out with The Cramps' Poison Ivy and Lux Interior

Hanging out with The Cramps’ Poison Ivy and Lux Interior

From Tim Burton's Ed Wood biopic

From Tim Burton’s Ed Wood biopic

Korla Pandit

Korla Pandit at 75



Something for the Holidays

If I hear Madonna’s version of Santa Baby one more time I’ll lose my mind (Eartha Kitt’s is the one). What the records below sound like I have no clue – but you can bet Afroman’s A Colt 45 Christmas goes pretty hard and the John Travolta, Olivia Newton John LP … well who can say? His hair alone is worth the price of this one. As for Swedish pop star Gunther, wikipedia claims; “Günther announced on his website that he is currently working on a new album with the working title Dirty Man Swedish Sex Beast. In 2011, the first single, “Pussycat”, became available on Günther’s web site.”

Christmas with Rico

Christmas with Kiro

Six Million Dollar Man Christmas

Six Million Dollar Man Christmas

White Christmas

White Christmas

Afroman -

Afroman – A Colt 45 Christmas

Wham - Last Christmas single

Wham – Last Christmas single

Christmas with Colonel Sanders (KFC Promo)

Christmas with Colonel Sanders (KFC Promo)

3 Stooges

3 Stooges – Christmas Time with …

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta – This Christmas

The Rudy Ray Moore Christmas Album - Merry Christmas Baby

The Rudy Ray Moore Christmas Album – Merry Christmas Baby

The Three Suns - A Din Dong Dandy Christmas

The Three Suns – A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas


Liberace – Twas the Night Before Christmas

Kenny & Corky - Nuttin for Christmas w/ Suzy Snowflake

Kenny & Corky – Nuttin for Christmas w/ Suzy Snowflake

KAy Martin

Kay Martin & her Body Guards – I know What He Wants for Christmas … but I don’t know how to wrap it!

James Brown - Funky Christmas

James Brown – Funky Christmas


Gunther & the Sunshine Girls – Christmas Songs

Momma's Twistin' with Santa Clause

Mark Anthony – Momma’s Twistin’ with Santa Claus