MC Cuts – Design on the Road

Pictured here are various Motorcycle Club jackets and patches. Everything on each jacket represents something to it’s owner and club; his standing, club politics, philosophy, chapter, etc.  I have no idea if these MC’s still exist or anything about their history. All I know for sure is you better not wear one of these patches if you’re not part of the club (We learned this from 6 seasons of Sons of Anarchy). Apologies to all the MC’s unrepresented here.

Forbidden Few - Flint, MI

Forbidden Few – Flint, MI

Knight Riders - Washington DC

Knight Riders – Washington DC

Stoned Riders - Santa Maria, CA

Stoned Riders – Santa Maria, CA

Drifters - Cleveland, OH

Drifters – Cleveland, OH

Hells Union

Hells Union – New Jersey

Roaches - Venice, CA

Roaches – Venice, CA


Heathen Angels – Straight Satans – Hellcats

Unknown - Detroit, MI

Unknown – Detroit, MI

Mongols - Colorado

Mongols – Denver, CO

Zulus - Akron, Oh

Zulus – Akron, Oh

White Knights - Wyoming

White Knights – Wyoming

Aces & Eights - Jersey

Aces & Eights – Jersey

Death Barons - Connecticut

Death Barons – Connecticut



Spokesmen - Vermillion, OH

Spokesmen – Vermillion, OH

Vipers - Richmond, VA

Vipers – Richmond, VA




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  1. Where did u find the photo of the Zulu Jacket

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