Ernesto García Cabral

Ernesto García “The Chango” Cabral (18 December 1890 – 8 August 1968)  Cabral first made his name as a caricaturist for newspapers and magazines during the Mexican Revolution of 1911, illustrating the exploits of Pancho Villa & Emiliano Zapata. From these drawings he was able to study in Paris for a short time on a grant from Mexico’s President Madero. For the next few years, Cabral would travel and worked in Madrid and Argentina before returning to Mexico in 1915. On his return he would start developing his recognized style of bright colors and exaggerated features, (working for many publications – it is said that he has over 25,000 published images). It is the movie posters from the 50’s though that have provided him his notoriety. Beautiful, bright and exciting, his work became synonymous with the burgeoning Mexican film industry of the early 1950’s.

Cabral 3

Cabral 1

Cabral 16

Cabral 15

Cabral 12

Cabral 2

Cabral 4

Cabral 6

Cabral 13

Cabral 18

Cabral 17

Cabral 10

Cabral 8

Cabral 9

Cabral 19




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