The Ladies of Burlesque – Signs and Posters

Burlesque, Burlesk, Burly-Q. However you spell it it’s still all the same – Great!  Burlesque as a form of entertainment lasted a good long time. Starting in the 1860’s and sort of ending in the 1960’s with a resurgence in the 2000’s, Burlesque basically meant Variety Show with (hopefully) a striptease in there somewhere. It evolved into pretty much all Striptease by the 1950’s. Never overly raunchy or pornographic, Burly-Q was all about suggestion, the hope to see a shapely leg or glimpse of a breast. Toward the 60’s it got a bit dirtier, but as they say, “The times, they were a-changin'”.

K. K. Kelly and the Runway Rompers


Akiko O’Toole and a Stageful of Girls


Irma the Body


Charming Charmaine – The TNT Girl


Miss Gee Whiz – 52-28-38
Gee Whiz, Indeed!


The Rage of Burlesque


Ann Perry – The Jane Russell of Burlesk


Georgia Sothern – That Fiery Redhead




Dixie Evans – The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque


Tempest Storm – That Bust Out Girl


Harry Clark’s Park Avenue Revue


Frosti Winters


Lee “Hot Rod” Wayne


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