Chicago Gang Cards

Apparently in the 70’s and 80’s in Chicago (and probably else wear) gangs carried with them a nice little bit of PR – calling cards. These come from the days when a gang was more of a neighborhood crew then what it has become.  These were the days of “fists, bats, and bottles” rather than AK-47s and drive-bys. Most of the gangs were just about the neighborhood and hanging out. Though I don’t think I’d trust The Almighty Gaylords or the Gaylordettes if I wondered into their turf.

Almighty Insane 2 Deuces


Insane Popes


Thee Almighty Miniture Villa Lobos


Stone Greasers


The Almighty Bishops

Simon-City Royals


Future Chicago Player’s


Insane Freaks


Almighty Kildare – N – Fullerton Gaylords


The Gaylords


Gaylordettes – Girl Gang




Stoned Freaks


Thee Almighty Schurz People


Insane Freaks


Proud Members of Hanson Park


Almighty Gaylords


Around Here the Cross is the Boss (Gang name?)


Almighty Freaks


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