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Everybody Loves Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk (born May 21, 1974) That smile, those eyes. Fairuza (Turquoise in Farsi) began her career as Dorothy Gale in the unofficial sequel to Wizard of Oz – 1985’s Return to Oz. She became a teenage Satan worshipper in The Craft, a cat-thing in The Island of Dr. Moreau w/ Marlon Brando, an Academy Award nominated skin head in American History X, a groupie in Almost Famous and a bad girl to Adam Sandler’s simpleton in The Waterboy (among many others) Wildly different roles, great co-stars and what appears to be a simple non-Hollywood like life, Fairuza continues to act and do voice work for cartoons and video games … and she still has that smile.

The Craft


Almost Famous







Return to Oz – 1985


You Wear it Well – Happy Birthday Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, DBE ( nee Mironoff; born 26 July 1945) Happy 72nd Birthday.


Louise Brooks – The Girl with the Bob

Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985), born Mary Louise Brooks. She typified the Flapper era of the 1920’s but somehow managed to look completely different and modern by todays standards. She starred in just a few movies – 17 silents and 8 sound pictures, before retiring at the tender age of 32. She hated Hollywood with a passion and made her 3 most famous films in Europe; Pandora’s Box, Diary of a Lost Girl and Miss Europe, (the first 2 w/ director G.W. Pabst). She publicly danced nude, she had lesbian affairs (a one night stand w/ Greta Garbo), married a bunch of guys and made some bad decisions – what a woman!

c. 1925: Louise Brooks




c. 1925: Louise Brooks






1925: Portrait of Actress Louise Brooks.

1925: American star of the silent movie era, Louise Brooks.



Young Louise

Young Louise


Brooks, Louise_05

With Richard Arlen 1970's

With Richard Arlen 1970’s



Everybody Loves – Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch (born Jo Raquel Tejada; September 5, 1940) – Raquel first came to the attention of the public with her role in the sci-fi film The Fantastic Voyage. The next role was the big one – 1 Million Years BC. The photo of her in a doe skin bikini became the poster in every boys room and made her an instant sex symbol. She would continue to play the sex symbol but never the stupid sex kitten. She was the tough hot chick. Throughout the 60’s she would play opposite some of Hollywoods biggest leading men – James Stewart, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra – to name a few. The 70’s would find her flirting with a singing career – releasing the dance single “This Girl’s Back In Town” (to no real success).She’d also win a Golden Globe for her role in the 1974 film The 3 Musketeers. She would go on to play roles in various TV shows, throughout the decade and into the 80’s (Mork and Mindy, Seinfeld) and act on Broadway and had a show in Las Vegas.  Most recently she’s been seen in the TV movie House of Versace – looking unbelievable at the age of 73.


The fur bikini - 1Million Years B.C.

The fur bikini – 1Million Years B.C.

Publicity photo for 1 Million BC - Not published until 1996

Publicity photo for 1 Million BC – Not published until 1996


Fantastic Voyage - 1966

Fantastic Voyage – 1966

With Salvadore Dali

With Salvadore Dali








From the film - Myra Breckenridge 1970

From the film – Myra Breckenridge 1970

From Kansas City Bomber

From Kansas City Bomber – 1972

Raquel in her 40's

Raquel in her 40’s

Raquel at 71

Raquel at 71

Raquel today at 73!

Raquel today at 73!

Everyone Loves: Stella Stevens

Stella Stevens – born Estelle Caro Eggleston in 1938 in Yazoo City Mississippi, raised in Hot Coffee Miss.
A beautiful blond in the Tuesday Weld, Kim Novak, Barbra Eden mold, Stella made a name for herself, mostly as the wide eyed ingenue character. Never really breaking huge she has however managed to have a busy and varied career into the 2000’s. If you recognize her at all it’s probably from her role as Miss Purdy  in that boob, Jerry Lewis’ The Nutty Professor. She would star in a number of pictures and TV shows throughout the years, General Hospital, Sam Pekinpah’s The Ballad of Cable Houge, an Elvis movie, one of Dean Martin’s Matt Helm pictures and the 1972 version of The Posiedon Adventure, among many others. The late 70’s -2000’s as seen Stella appearing in various TV shows, from Newhart to Night Court to Magnum PI and on and on. She continues to act occasionally to this day and lives in Beverly Hills.





The Nutty Professor - Stella and an idiot

The Nutty Professor – Stella and an idiot

The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor



With Dean Martin in How to Save Your Marriage and Ruin Your Life

With Dean Martin in How to Save Your Marriage and Ruin Your Life

With Elvis in Girls, Girls, Girls - 1962

With Elvis in Girls, Girls, Girls – 1962


In Playboy

In Playboy

Stella today. Lookin good at 77

Stella today. Lookin good at 77






Everybody Loves: Francoise Hardy

Françoise Madeleine Hardy ( born 17 January 1944) – Singer, actress and iconic fashion figure of 1960’s Paris. Françoise rode a wave of popularity with the French Ye-Ye style of singing, popularized by Serge Gainsbourgh, France Gall, Sylvie Vartan, et al. A rather naive pop-based confection sung, entirely in French. Ye-Ye gained some popularity throughout the world but mostly in it’s native country never breaking huge worldwide. Serge and Françoise however did have longer careers (separately) and she continues to sing and record today – and looks unbelievable nearing 70.


Françoise-Hardy kk

Francoise Hardy18


Francoise Hardy n

francoise hardy b


600full-francoise-hardy mm


Françoise Hardy en robe Paco Rabanne



Françoise Hardy