The Classy Lassie with the Tattooed Chassis – Cindy Ray

Bev Robinson, best known as Cindy Ray, was one of the first tattooed pinup girls of Australia. She spent most of her life working as a respected tattoo artist.
In the early 1960s, photographs of a heavily tattooed woman from Australia called Cindy Ray started appearing. She was blonde and beautiful with tattoos on her arms, chest, back and legs and soon became known as “the classy lassie with the tattooed chassis”.
She was talked into getting tattooed at 19, and despite having no examples of tattooed people in her family and being a farm worker, she got 4 tattoos on the first night. She still doesn’t know how she was convinced that she could make money touring the country as a tattooed model, but she did and that made her what she is today.

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E. J. Bellocq and the Prostitutes of Storyville

John Ernest Joseph Bellocq (1873–1949) E. J. Bellocq and his work is a mystery. Making his living mostly by taking photographs of landmarks, ships and machinery for local companies, he also had a secret photographic life, taking personal photographs of the hidden side of local life, notably the opium dens and the prostitutes of Storyville. Bellocq, sometime described as a hunchbacked dwarf and others a nattily dressed dandy, lived alone and acquired a reputation for eccentricity and unfriendliness. After taking his professional daily routine, Bellocq would haunt the houses of prostitution in the then legal area of New Orleans French Quarter called Storyville. His photographs of the working girls showed a certain beauty and respect of the models, and are exceptionally striking. However, no one got to see these photos until well after his death in 1949. Destroying most of his negatives prior to his death, his Storyville photos were later found in a local junk shop, by a young photographer named Lee Friedlander who would eventually mount a well received show of the work and also publish the books Storyville Portraits and Bellocq: Photographs from Storyville, assuring his fameThe last part of the mystery – who scratched out the faces on some of the portraits? Some say his Jesuit priest brother was the culprit, others say Bellocq himself as his madness progressed toward his death. No one knows who or why. All-in-all, a great story, a great mystery and some beautiful photographs.


The Rock Stars of 1970’s Yugoslavia

Posted without comment ….. except, what the shit was goin’ on in Yugoslavia in the 70’s.

You Wear it Well – Happy Birthday Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, DBE ( nee Mironoff; born 26 July 1945) Happy 72nd Birthday.


4th of July Pinups – Bombs, Boobs and Bunting

Happy 4th!

Ava Gardner


Marilyn Monroe


Painting by Gil Elvgren



Barbara Eden


Helen Twelvetrees


Debbie Reynolds



Cyd Charisse w/ Tom & Jerry


Painting by A. Vargas – caption read – “Golly Mr. Hancock yours is the largest.”


Rita Hayworth




Susan Hayward and Virginia Dale



Jane Mansfield


Doris Day




Vintage Fire Cracker Packaging

Happy (almost) 4th of July. We’ll be counting fingers on Wednesday.