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The Art of Packaging: Pulps – All Women are Bad

According to these novels women are “So young, so wanton, so wise in the failings of men”, “Lovely, Willing and Wanton” and their “… pagan desires violated even the loose moral code of the marshlands”. They’re either a “Bitch” an “Office Hussy”, “Office Tramp”, “Nympho Librarian” or a “Cracker Girl”. You’d think these dames didn’t stand a chance, but by the looks of things (and personal experience), they are totally in control and, as always, totally drivin’ the bus.  These probably were written as a reaction to womens’ rights in the 50’s and 60’s – remember, if you can’t understand something, the best thing to do is call it a name or insult it. Why else would there possibly be a book called The Bitch or Office Tramp. Also, apparently, women are even more dangerous dead than alive – according to Spider Lily by Bruno Fisher, so be careful.

The Bitch

The Wild One

Nympho Librarian

Wayward Nymph

Swamp Bred

Cracker Girl

Office Hussy

Office Tramp

Fly Girl

The Spider Lily

Private Eyeful

The Doctor's Woman

The Persian Cat


Design: Movie Posters – Bad Girls

High School Hellcats - 1958Ah, the wonderful 1950’s. What were they thinkin’. Most of these beautiful posters were AIP releases – (A film production company that catered to teen and exploitation double features primarily for Drive-Ins). The designs are bold and colorful and less then subtle with the focus on the girl who is most definetly bad – or about to be.  As these were mostly created for Drive-Ins in limited markets on cheap paper, not many have survived and have become quite valuable.

Teenage Doll 1957

Reform School Girls - 1957

Running Wild aka Girl in A Cage - 1955

Gun Crazy aka Deadly is the Female - 1950

Kitten With A Whip - 1964 French 1 Panel