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The Rock Stars of 1970’s Yugoslavia

Posted without comment ….. except, what the shit was goin’ on in Yugoslavia in the 70’s.


Sexy – Not Sexy

While looking through bad album cover design (something I love to do) I noticed how some of the cover models must have thought how goddamn hot they looked or that the persona they chose for themselves was one of pure sex  and charisma and they just had to share it with the world. Some are just purely ill-conceived – what the monkey was Action Bronson trying to say w/ his LP Saab Stories? And goddamn it if I’m not tired of seeing Madonnas old crotch staring at me from the shelves. You just can’t say enough about former Dexy’s Midnight Runner front man and singer of 80’s staple “Come On Ilene – To Ra Aye” cross dressing LP My Beauty. Of course there’ll be LPs designed to shock “My Pussy Belongs to Daddy” and the wonderfully named Nigel Pepper Cock’s hit – Fresh White Reeboks Kicking Your Ass. PS – Vince Capretta is wearing underpants – I think.



Vincent Capretta - Who's Lookin' BAck

Vincent Capretta – Who’s Lookin’ Back

Gary - Getting Down to Business

Gary – Getting Down to Business

Kevin Rowland - My Beauty (Ex- Dexy's - "Come on Ilene")

Kevin Rowland – My Beauty (Ex- Dexy’s – “Come on Ilene”)

Gunther - Pleasure Man

Gunther – Pleasure Man

Madonna - Hard Candy (Tired Old Madge)

Madonna – Hard Candy (Tired Old Madge)

My Pussy Belongs to Daddy

My Pussy Belongs to Daddy

Martin Denny - Romantica

Martin Denny – Romantica

Nigel Pepper Cock

Nigel Pepper Cock – Fresh White Reeboks Kickin Your Ass

Barbara Markay - Give your Dick to Me

Barbara Markay – Give your Dick to Me

Porn Land

Porn Land – In The Nude

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Butthole Surfers – Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Action Bronson - Saab Stories

Action Bronson – Saab Stories


Gepy & Gepy – Body to Body

Dan Grary - Lady's Fancy

Dan Grary – Lady’s Fancy

Randy Jack Wiggins

Randy Jack Wiggins

Oral Sex - Oral Sex (?)

Oral Sex – Oral Sex (?)