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Design: Dime Mystery

Dime Mystery Magazine started publication in 1932 (as Dime Mystery Book) featuring a full novel and a few short stories. After 10 unsuccesful issues it was changed to it’s current title and featured novelettes focusing on, what became known as “Weird Menace” stories. Demented doctors, crazed pirates, bad priests, evil spiders, etc. became the standard. By the looks of these if you were a woman during this time you didn’t stand a chance.  This format worked much better and had a pretty good run until it closed shop in 1950. Garishly designed with lurid cover paintings, Dime Mystery Magazine certainly stood out on the crowded magazine racks of the 30’s-50’s.

Dig Your Own Murder

Hell Comes in Bottles

Dance of the Death Doll

The Seven Arms of Terror

The Beauty Shop of Horrors

Mistress of the Worm-Men

Beware the Boneless Death!

Maker of the Faceless Ones

Lure of the Fox-Woman