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The Bullet Bra – 1950’s Pin-up Necessity

The bullet bra was created by the Maidenform Company in the 1940’s, but with the war raging it didn’t and couldn’t (war time restrictions on nylon) become popular until the mid 1950’s. Every actress, pin-up and girl on the street just had to wear this newest fashion. Women were getting some well deserved freedoms after the war and with all the men back in the States, sex and being sexy was back in style. Sometimes super-sexy, sometimes just plain weird, the bullet bra became the look of the 50’s – the Sweater Girl, Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and The Outlaw. Never being a fan of the “Pointy Breast” I don’t quite get it. But really, what’s to get? Everybody loves boobs and the bullet bra sure gave you something to look at and dream about.

Jane Russel in The Outlaw

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

What the hell?????

You can’t play Hide and Seek wearing this bra

Jane Mansfield

Julie (Catwoman) Newmar

Ann Francis (Honey West)