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Photography: New Castle Mugs

Joe Relo - Drunk Driving

Not a lot to be said about these, other then they’re a series of mugshots taken in New Castle, PA in the 1940’s. Mostly petty crime or drunk driving there are a few that are harder to explain – Edward Weavers- “Complaint of Wife”, Frank Sodas – “Bastardy” (?) The photos themselves are wonderful – bad lighting, oddly posed – people in distress – you could never recapture these . It’s also a nice glimpse in styles of the 40’s. Check out Joe Relo’s hair, Ed Weavers sport coat and Louis DeLuria’s specs.

Frank Pegnato - Burglary

Preston Litz - Larceny


Lamar Warter - Drunk Driving

Betty Joan Knight - Unknown

Charles Esolda - Pulling a False Alarm

Edward Weaver - 'Complaint of a Wife'

Frank Soda - ' Adultry & Bastardy'

Floyd Armstrong - Loitering

Elizabeth Miller -Breach of Liquor Laws


Louis DeLuria - Drunk