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The Art of Packaging: The Best Kind of Ad

Everywhere you turn is some kind of crap advertising, selling you something you don’t need, and muddying up the landscape. But every now and again some agency will go outside the norm and come up with something truly inspired – or at least unique. If you have to see a billboard for a movie, it’s better to have one that sprays blood all over the cars parked under it (Kill Bill) or giant car sized cardboard boxes left in the trash with no other information (Mini Cooper). With the advent of large scale printing we’ll probably be seeing more of these and they’ll undoubtedly become passe and  a blight, but for now, these are pretty damn cool and pretty damn creative.

Kill Bill on TV – All the cars are part of the ad

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


Frontline Flea & Tick Spray

Mini Cooper – After Christmas promotion

Coops Paints

Parkinsons Awareness


Folgers Coffee

Mini Cooper